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Why is it I get censorship when I post truth on websites or youtube channels full of disinformation? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Why would anyone have to put up with disinformation agents? I got real sick of those websites and youtube channels that ignored truth, and even censored truth while allowing disinformation.

Posting useful and relevant information is not spamming.

Here is a very small list of websites and youtube channels I have had censorship from trying to share truth. The ones with links I provide evidence, it is work to share truth and full of stress dealing with censorship I don't remember all the sites I got censored from or all the youtube channels. It takes longer to document everything I started recording evidence after I received the majority of the censorship:
* = I am banned

Censorship from Websites

Censorship from Youtube channels Videos of Mine Censored

I have actually gotten comments from people saying the reason those other channel censored me is because I was spreading "disinfo" that hemp fuel could make America energy independent...I wish I made that up


Jsovereign, February 28, 2014, 8:28 pm
Hiya Miles,

It seems you do happened to get banned from a lot of these sites. I actually saw some situation take place on grasscity in which the people on the forum were bashing your topics saying you "always posted this stuff and spammed" and were trying to ban you. But it just kind of sprang up on me and I don't remember seeing any more of your posts besides that one argument.

I haven't really seen much of your transcribed dialogues / conversations of getting banned/attacked on forums so I really wouldn't know if you actually are spamming or breaking rules, or if this is pure Counter-Intelligence / Dis-information at hand (as in these mainstream sites actually censoring you which as of now I pretty much believe)

So what I pretty much want to ask is if you would be willing to let me link to your site here, on my blog in exchange for you to do the same for my blog on your site. I was also censored, banned, and essentially "cointelpro'ed" from some forums (that we were both a member of) and it seems like you would be a fine blogging ally, sir.

I have viewed the videos on your site before and they seem spot on to me.

Please get back to me at and until then take care.
Anon, August 29, 2012, 9:26 pm

John, August 15, 2012, 1:45 pm
Why is David Icke censoring Hemp ?

Is he a disinformation agent ?
Myles O'Howe, August 20, 2012, 7:32 pm
Im not sure why he banned me from his site. I was not spamming, if you want to see spamming, in his forum there was so much any topic I did put in there wouldnt get attention because COINTELPRO tactics initiated a forum slide. A website admin could Deal with the trolls and not allow the website to be infested with disinfo agents who are moderators and admins...

It wouldnt take long if the people discovered the truth to have cheap living that makes the poison industry obsolete. instead I have to wonder if the poison industry is funding disinfo agents and phoney activists who want to Collapse the world instead of solving the problems, with so many people being selfish and ignoring cannabis prohibition, like other stuff is more important, how can anything be more important than ending cannabis prohibition so curing cancers with cannabis wont be prohibited, which will also make the poison energy and toxic industries obsolete. How can conspiracy researchers talk about blood for oil, and black operations and downplay hemp fuel making countries energy independent, alt media promote off the grid except for hemp are people sound asleep?

david icke promotes economic collapse. a MAINSTREAM documentary called collapse is with mike ruppert and I have videos of him dividing and conquering, what a bunch of retards helping distracting peolpe keeping the blood for oil going, WHERE IS THE INVESTIGATION OF HEMP FUEL, disinfo agents attack hemp fuel saying there is no evidence, you only need to look at how big the plant grows, its more biomass, visual evidence>disinfo agents. Then the ron paul supporters have their minds so closed when ron paul turn his back on 9/11 truth, ron paul writes a book with a knight of malta, his followers dont care, one guy on another site where i was banned and topic deleted said he would be for a one world government if ron paul were the emperor. I show evidence in my video Grasscity Controlled Opposition Nightmare in Cannabis Activism. Ron Paul was inducted into the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity that is a leader in the fight against hazing, drugs and alcohol abuse. male fraternity leading the war on drugs and I get ridiculed for criticizing ron paul showing history. I get ridiculed by obama supporters too and also gotten censorship from obama which I never bothered to record evidence.